Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Full Day of Sunshine

After a night of rest (and following our ordeal many of us caught some rest on the bus ride to Eilat Tuesday evening as well), we enjoyed a day of varied activities.  Some walked the short distance to the Underwater Observatory where you can see the beautiful fish of the Red Sea without getting wet.

Others went to the Eilat Camel Ranch and went on a journey into the desert with the Bedouins.  Along the way they saw ibex, an animal that looks like a mix between a small deer and mountain goat. The camel riders ate after watching food prepared in traditional bedouin style and then returned.  A few of us also did two dives in the Red Sea, one to a sunken missile cruiser and the other to a reef containing two massive rock formations called the Joshua Rock and the Moses Rock.

 In the afternoon, we traveled about 17 miles north to Timna Park.  Timna was a wife of Eliphaz, the son of Esau, not the Eliphaz of Job.  Their union birthed a son by the name of Amalek, leader of a family that was a thorn to Israel later.  Two important sites we visited at the park were:  the Pillars of Solomon. These steep "pillar" formations show erosion following the mining of copper here by the Egyptians.  We climbed the step cliff, and exited down by the remains of an Egyptian temple to Hathor.

We then visited the Tabernacle that is set up in the desert.  It is easy for us to picture what their forty years of wandering would have been like and how the Lord had to provide for them all along the way.  The lady did a marvelous presentation regarding all the symbolism, practicality, and meaning of all the aspects of the Tabernacle and its foreshadowing of Christ.  If you would like to hear or read some of what we enjoyed and were inspired by, visit their site:

Tomorrow we leave early to head for Jordan and visit Petra.

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