Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Split Team

This was an interesting day.  All seemed to be on schedule.  The VA, PA, MD, CA folks all made it to Philadelphia in good shape.  They were enjoying some good bonding time, meeting one another and awaiting the arrival of the rest of the group from Buffalo.
Some of the  CA, MD, PA, VA part of the group

They were delayed (two hours) leaving for Tel Aviv but will still arrive on Monday afternoon and enjoy the warmth of the desert by the Dead Sea Monday evening and Tuesday.

Some of the Buffalo Part of the Group
Not so the Buffalo part of the group.  After multiple promises of getting underway, we were told there was a    ground stop at Philadelphia and our flight was cancelled with no                                                                        hope of an alternative route.

So we are now scheduled to head to Philadelphia shortly after noon Monday, overnight to Tel Aviv arriving Tuesday afternoon, and travel by bus the 4 hours or so to Eilat to catch up with the rest.  Our hope is to rearrange our itinerary a bit to make sure we see most of it all together.  Hopefully the only piece the Buffalo folks will miss is the Dead Sea.

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