Thursday, February 13, 2014

Simply Amazing

   We are following the route of the Exodus.  The Israelites went through the area of the Edomites.  They then steered clear of the Moabites and went into the land of the Ammonites.  They then crossed over into the Promised Land at Jericho.  Saturday, we will do the same.

Today our trip to Petra was simply amazing.  It is hard to describe the stark beauty of creation here.  The colors of the sandstone and contrasts of light and shadows are spell-bounding.  Rami, our guide, did an excellent job of telling the story of Petra from the hey day of the Nabateans to their tragic end by poisoned water.  There are marvels of engineering to be seen all around here as well as the creative hand of our Lord.

While most of the group walked, some wisely took other modes of transportation, including carts or horseback for the four and a half mile round trip to the end of Petra and back.

On our way to Petra, we stopped for coffee at a little shop in the desert.  Several of the group commented that they have a new appreciation for the term desert or wilderness in the Bible since they have seen the area around Eilat and here.  Prior to entering Petra we ate at a nice restaurant in Wadi Mousa (Wadi Moses) just outside Petra.  It was a delicious meal with several Jordanian specialties.

I've asked several of the team if they are enjoying the trip and glad they came.  I believe the picture of Gus below represents their common response.  Everyone is enjoying themselves and are grateful for the opportunity to be here.  By the gracious work of the support team for the travel office we use and also the cooperation of the guides, we will be going to the Dead Sea tomorrow for a swim and also cross back into Israel in a way that will allow us to see Masada and Qumran, three of the important places or opportunities we missed on our lost first day.  That makes us all very happy.

 One last word about Petra.  Revelation 12 speaks of a time coming when the Antichrist will come against Israel and chase her to destroy her.  She will be given wings to flee to the desert to a stronghold prepared for her.  Many believe that will be Petra.  Read about it.

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